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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diary entries by the Jelly Babies

After watching some news clips about refugees in Somalia, the Jelly Babies put themselves in the refugee's position to write a diary entry.

Darcey's diary entry

Dear diary,
Depressed, distraught, devastated, that is how I felt!
I felt scared like a terrified tiger trapped in a tiny cage, confused and crazy.

I didn’t know if we would ever get out of there, it was like being trapped in a maze with no way out. It all started about a week ago when we fled from home because of the war and gun men invading our home. We ran for days, thirsty. We didn’t know if we would ever get food or water again. Eventually we arrived at a camp with food for us to eat, we were thrilled. Unfortunately, there was a massive queue with thousands of people waiting. We queued for at least a whole day until we finally reached the front. By now my children were dying of hunger and thirst and I was doing my best to stay strong, for their sake.
When we finally got a place to sleep there were hundreds of people in the tents as they had all been driven away from their homes as well. Some days we went without our food because there was so many of us we got forgotten or pushed out the way. To me, this was just as bad as walking to the camp, worse. I couldn’t believe the lack of organisation there as half of the people went without food or water. Many people had to sleep on the floor outside with just a blanket and others were made to go without washing so the camp smelt like a foul smell from a rubbish tip. The continuous days we were at that camp was unbearable. Finally the camp got a fresh supply of food and water so I thought at last we will have something to eat again. But I thought wrong…
In about two days the food was all eaten and I was starting to doubt my family’s survival over the next month. Eventually we got moved to a bigger camp where we got food and water every day. Me and my children loved it at that camp and we stayed there for at least a whole year until finally we got a house far away from where we used to live but it was much better.
Now we have been in this house for 5 months and everyone has settled in nicely. We have made new friends and the house is as clean as could be. Maybe I do miss our old house a little bit. I mean before the war when my children’s dad used to sit round the fire singing songs with us. He has gone now and I need to move on for the sake of the kids. That is my story so far…….

Lizzie's diary entry

Dear diary,
Destroyed, devastated, distraught not knowing what lies ahead. I’m perished not drinking anything for hours on end. Starting to sliver away to the refugee camp where even though I’m getting the food and water I need, I can still pass away!
I’m terrified about dying I know that I’m going to in the end but I’m still young. Please God not now!
Trudging to the camp was terrifying! Three people have died already just from the boiling heat and the fact of not drinking for days on end. Seeing the heat coming out of the ground is terrifying experience. It feels like lava is coming out of the ground. Sometimes I think it is. I’ve never seen so many people in one huddle and scared at the same time.

Niamh's diary entry

Dear diary,
Speechless, shocked, scared to face the future. Famished, Oh how I envy people with food.
Today it all started when we woke up at six and Mum told us all to get dressed to go to a ‘refugee camp’ or something like that. But the worst thing was she looked really pale and ill not me or my three brothers thought she was going to make it, although she insisted about going. We were relieved when we reached the camp that she had survived on the other hand the camp well I think I preferred home I mean how on earth are we going to live here? It’s a dump barely enough food to go around but the worst news is yet to come! We’ve just found out that whilst our mum went to get the food she passed out and it doesn’t look she was going to wake up I was the oldest and I’m only 13 none of us know what to do. How are we going to survive? What are we going to do? Were stuck and stranded forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe's diary entry

Dear diary,
Distraught, devastated, distressed, I have not a clue what’s happening.
What will I do when I’m at the camp because I can’t have a job there. I’m just speechless, shocked and scared to face the future.

What will happen to me? People die every day because there is not enough food and water or their getting colds against the wind. Or there just too weak to eat or even cry.

I feel like I’m a terrifying tiger in a tiny cage in this heart-breaking camp. All I can do is think because my feelings far beyond words.
The people behind all the barbed wire frightening me as they fight their way through for some food. There probably envious of me for all I know.
Many people don’t even have tents, they just have blankets. Some even have to go without washing so the whole place smells like a garbage bin.
When I finally got some sleep in a shelter I slept for hours until I had to have some food.

The continuous days at the camp were unbearable. Finally everyone got a fresh supply of food to last a fortnight so I thought that at least I’ll have some food to eat again.

My hope for the future is that I can just go back to my normal life and get out of here. It’s like a prison, stuck behind the barbed wire. I want to get back to two meals a day again and back to picking crops. Please come back rain…Please….

Alisha's diary entry

Dear diary,
Distraught, devastated, depressed, facing the unknown future couldn’t be worse. I envy the people with food I, want to kill them and take it all for myself. I feel like a tiger kept in captivity why oh why can’t I be free.
It was 2am. I was about to go to school when some nasty men with some guns shot my poor mum. We had to rapidly sprint to a safe place me, my dad and my 2 sisters were petrified. They were gaining on us. Luckily we jumped into a bush just in time. I nearly fainted but we had to be strong. Unsurprisingly we were all hurt but then we saw some people slowly walking somewhere so we asked where they were going. They just asked us to tag along so we did. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I wanted to go see my mum. Surprisingly I was crying but I couldn’t help it. Finally we got to the “camp” dad called it but I knew it was a prison or something, there was barbed wire everywhere. Everyone had food. We hadn’t got our food yet but we were last to arrive. Finally we got our delicious food and were sent to a mosquito- free tent. After an hour or two we were allowed out of our tents and could run around and play with the other kids. However if all of our family left our tent then we would have to sleep outside. This was like sleeping on a pile of trash which was pointy, smelly, sharp and ice cold. Unfortunately this means when everyone wanted to go out I had to stay in the tent. Which was amazing because there were no mosquitos. But it wasn’t very nice because everyone stares at you. All the men looked angry and had knives in their hands but there where woman there as well. I felt safe because the most of the woman had kids but I felt frightened because there were furious men as well. When my dad came back I knew I was in safe hands, and was fine again. We had only been here two days but I was really really worried. Was I going to get any more food? Will I make any friends? What will happen to us...?

After a few days the same thing happened every day. This was food, play, food, play, food, sleep. I made quite a few friends and was happy with my life. But one thing caught my mind every day. What would happen next?
Will there ever be rain? Will we stay here forever? How much more food will we get? Will I die here? These questions will ponder around my mind forever…

Heidi's diary entry

Dear diary,
Distraught, devastated, desperate.

My feelings are beyond words.
Imprisoned in this heart-breaking camp.
To me, it’s no refugee camp but a cage for unwanted, defenceless people like me.
A dreaded nightmare. Tears of desperation flood. Every ones feelings are the same – exhausted, terrified, starving. One question on our mind – when will we be free? This prison makes us feel no longer happy. We are worried about family. Especially lost, ill or struggling ones.
Who knows how those unfortunate people are feeling. Their envious faces and rumbling stomachs show my soft side. How eager they must be to get some food and shelter. I remember last week when we were in their shoes. The feeling is most uncomfortable. Horrid, in fact. There couldn’t be a worse feeling than that.
After living here for 6 weeks now, I am beginning to think that my future couldn’t get any worse. Also, I don’t know how the parents of those poor kids who struggle to eat and even cry are managing. In fact, I met this woman whose child was in such a bad condition that it died a few days ago. It was in such a bad condition and so did she to be honest. Probably the shock of losing a beloved child. Well, in one way I am glad that wasn’t me; however, I do feel sorry for her. Thinking about it, I do think that we are one of the luckier families here, compared to the ones still waiting for some shelter and food, anyway.
Being among many people my age who had gone through the same things as me, I seemed to make quite a few friends. Mum said it was good seeing us play happily together because it took our minds off all the horrid times we were going through. It was true! But night time came, our dreaded thoughts slowly fled back. Nightmares approached us. Mum hated this because she always had to comfort us when we woke up in the middle of the night. This was one of the kind things she did back home. Oh, home! I do miss it. Those English boys and girls don’t realise how fortunate they are to be able to eat at will and have cosy houses to live in when all we have very little food and a cramped tent that is most uncomfortable. When, we are out of here, I’ll ask Mother and father if they can cough up enough money to take me to England. I know I will like it there.
I believe in God and therefore am certain he will help us and bring us rain. How we shall rejoice if just a trickle falls from the clouds above! We will get out of here soon, I just know it! But when? How long will it be? Many questions ponder around my mind and forever will until the answers are discovered. This life of mine hasn’t been as I wanted, but I hope it will get better. At least I have a life unlike that child who died of trudging for weeks to get here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

6N's items in a suitcase

In my suitcase there is...

A dilapadated, corroded clock that is as old as Ancient Greece, owned by the Lord of the Manor
A duet of filthy wellies passed down from generations
Or possibly some pictures which people adore
Books for reading to settle to bed
Encrusted in garnet, a golden ring
Earrings, a precious pair, first worn by a little girl
Left alone as age went by, a very old baby doll collection
A tatty, patched teddy bear, loved and kept forever
Fire red lipstick only worn on special nights, making her smile be seen for miles
Worn, comforting blanket soft smelling like home.

In my suitcase there is...

As historic as a caveman, a hobbyhorse sits in the suitcase
Comforting photos of grinning parents, filled with love for their children
Scrunched up in a pocket, a ripped, torn and scruffy t-shirt
A can of succulent pineapple juice
Treasured memories packed in a journal, old and new
Stacks of handmade cookies as sweet as a chocolate waterfall
The collar of a dog who was as soft as a teddy bear
To enjoy on the journey, a chocolate bar, rich and creamy
A toy aeroplane that is as green as grass
Clean and sweet smelling pyjamas
A pen, that when writing, can transport you anywhere.

Nicole's poem.